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Tobago is linked via a network of paved and unpaved roads, the most significant being the Claude Noel Highway. Road quality decreases quickly on secondary roads and rural roads are often narrow and have deep drainage ditches on either side. Roads are generally well sign-posted. Tobagan drivers can be “creative” with the rules of the road and often use hand signals to indicate turning, stopping or slowing down! Visitors need to be attentive while driving around the island.

Car Hire

For visitors who prefer the freedom to travel as they please, car and scooter hire is available in Tobago (car hire minimum age 21, scooter minimum age 18). A valid licence issued in the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Germany and the Bahamas or a full international licence or permit is required. Car hire is available from Auto Rental companies at Crown Point Airport and various offices around the island. Local rental companies are generally dependable and offer a 24 hour assistance service. There is a wide choice of vehicles from a saloon car with air-conditioning to a four-wheeled drive jeep. Prices naturally vary depending on your choice – as a guideline a four-seater saloon car with no air-conditioning would be in the region of £30/£35 per day and a jeep approx £40.

If you intend touring in more remote areas, we would recommend you hire a four-wheeled drive vehicle.

Seatbelts are required for drivers and front seat passengers (older cars are not required to be equipped with rear seatbelts). There are no particular requirements for child safety seats.
Petrol is cheap in Tobago! – approx 30p per gallon but petrol stations are “few and far between” so we would advise you to fill up wherever possible.

Cars are generally right-hand drive, driving is on the left hand side and the speed limit is 50 kmph/30mph.

Tour Operators

There are a number of specialised Tour Operators offering a full range of tours to visitors, covering all the wonderful and varied attractions in Tobago. You can also plan your own personalised island tours with your own specialist guide, meeting your particular interests and requirements. You can enjoy visiting the Rain Forest, the island’s magnificent beaches and reefs, bird watching, fishing, snorkelling and diving locations or take pleasure in the historical sites of Tobago. Nightclubs, barbecues and beach parties etc. can also be arranged for you by your Tour Operator or Guide.


Tobago has an official taxi service and vehicles can be seen with a registration letter “H”. There is also a network of “unofficial” taxis which can be hailed on the roadside – these are much cheaper and quite often with entertaining drivers!
Private taxis are on hand at hotels.


Local buses are available but tickets must be purchased from local stores in advance. The main bus terminal is in Scarborough.

We hope you have found the foregoing of interest to you and tobagoisland.com will be happy to provide you with any further information you require on our recommended car and scooter rental companies, and tour services in general.
Please contact us on transport@tobagoisland.com

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