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Your Health and Inoculations

Tobago’s Health Care facilities are limited. Basic medical attention for minor ailments is available, but serious medical cases are referred to Trinidad.
Medical services are free at the Government Hospital and Clinic.

There are several private doctors on the island who can be recommended by your hotel.
In an emergency, the Emergency Health Service paramedics are at your disposal,transporting you to hospital if necessary.

Small medical items can be found in general stores but Pharmacies (for medicines etc.) are primarily located in the Scarborough area.
Divers to the island can be safe in the knowledge that Tobago has facilities to cope with the “bends”.

Visit 'what to do' - diving area.

We would advise you to take out suitable Health Insurance.
Inoculations are not currently required for the Caribbean. However a yellow fever vaccination certificate is necessary from travellers (over 1) arriving from infected areas. For the latest information check with your Doctor.

Don’t forget Tobago is near the equator – the tropical sun is strong! We would recommend a high factor sun cream, sunglasses while a cap or hat are a “must”.
There is nothing too threatening about the wildlife in Tobago!

Mosquitos do exist so insect repellent protection is recommended, particularly in forested areas.
We feel we should mention that rabies is present and would recommend susceptible visitors are vaccinated before travel.


Water is generally safe to drink, chlorinated and quite refreshing but bottled water is available if you prefer.
The Water and Sewage Authority (WASA), a state enterprise, is the sole provider of water services in Tobago and generally quite reliable in Hotels and Guest Houses.


An abolsute NO. NO. NO!
All narcotic drugs of any kind and any quantity are illegal in Tobago and its sister island Trinidad. The Laws of both islands are very explicit on this subject – there is no leeway for unawareness of the law - and there are severe penalties. Personal possession of even the smallest amount of narcotic drugs will result in a heavy fine and possibly a night in jail. The penalty for possession of larger amounts of illegal drugs like Cannabis (weed or ganja) or Crack Cocaine could result in a charge of “trafficking” with a minimum of five years in a State prison and the possibility of confiscation of your assets back home. Custom Officials and the Airport Drug Squads are very well equipped and trained.


Crime sadly exists throughout the world, and visitors to Tobago should exercise normal caution and good judgment. Keep currency and valuables secure (most hotels and guest houses have safes for visitors’ use). Do not leave possessions unattended on beaches and in other public places. In view of the heavy jail sentences imposed on offenders by the Tobago Authorities, crime against visitors is relatively low, and generally you will find Tobago both by day and night, a safe place to visit.


Tobago has only one “home based” paper, The Tobago News, which focuses on local events. The three Trinidad based daily newspapers, The Trinidad Guardian, the Trinidad Express and Newsday are also available in Tobago.
Daily newspapers carry details of daily exchange rates.

Cyber Cafés and Laundry

The world’s first internet-laundry café is located on Store Bay Road, Crown Point
(next to the RBTT Bank) Wash and Surf at the same time – with a speciality coffee and cable TV too!

Most hotels have fax machines and internet facilities charging a small fee for access, and around the island you will also find Cyber cafes to enable you to contact the “outside world”!

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