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Most restaurants are busy so to avoid disappointment we suggest you call to make a reservation before visiting the restaurant of your choice. Restaurants’ opening days and times are vary, so it is advisable to also check beforehand.

A 15% Tax will be added to the price of your meal and will either be included in the menu price or added to your bill. You may care to check this in advance before ordering).

If a service charge is made on your bill, tipping is not necessary. Otherwise normal tipping generally ranges between 10 – 15%.

Just a note of warning! Some dishes are “naturally fiery” so if you require a non-spicy meal be sure to request it.

Local “Lingo” – a few examples to amuse you….

Sweet han’: a complimentary term used to describe a cook who has prepared a magnificent tasty dish

Cookin’wit gas: situation has improved: everything’s running smoothly

Morish: indication that the food was so delicious “seconds” are a must!

Lickerish: greedy

Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information: eatingout@tobagoisland.com

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