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It is amazing that such a small island as Tobago can offer such a wealth of cafes and bars to serve the locals and the ever-growing number of visitors and we list a few here:

Enchanted Waters and Patino’s Courtyard Café in a garden setting, has a convivial bar and offers relaxing lunchtime and evening dining.

House of Pancakes in a courtyard and patio setting may be famous for its breakfast menus in the fresh air but also offers visitors evening dining with a Creole Cajun flair.

The Backyard (not quite as its name suggests) is a unique garden café serving salads, sandwiches and delicious desserts. It also sells the very best in local batik!

Golden Star Restaurant and Bar (Crown Point) serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week - earlyto late - and provides a popular lively entertainment centre in the evening with a drink.

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You will find a good range of foods and drinks in the local supermarkets. The roadside vendors have a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Fresh fish can be bought on roadside coastal roads from the local fishermen – all at very reasonable prices!

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