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Advertising Agreement

This Advertising Agreement is made between tobagoisland.com and the Advertiser. tobagoisland.com is offering the Advertiser the ability to promote its contact information, descriptions, images and rates on the "tobagoisland.com" website for the chosen advertising packages, fees as set out below.

tobagoisland.com reserves the right to refuse any Advertising material which is deemed to be of an unsuitable nature.

A person signing this Advertising Agreement on behalf of the Advertiser warrants that he/she is acting in an official capacity for the Advertiser and they are authorised by the Advertiser to enter into this Agreement.

By signing this Agreement and submitting payment for this service, the Advertiser agrees to the following Terms and Conditions.

These exist to ensure that tobagoisland.com services remain creditable and of the highest quality.

Terms and Conditions

• All Advertising Agreements recieved will continue for a period of one year from the date of the upload onto the website, notified to you by email.

• Banner advertising Agreements recieved will continue for a period of three months from the date of the upload onto the website, notified to you by email.

• All advertising shall automatically be renewed for successive periods of one year / three months, unless either party gives notice of its intent to withdraw. Withdrawal by the Advertiser would be subject to:

• Cancellation by notifcation in writing by mail or email to tobagoisland.com no later than twenty one days prior to the end of the term of any such one year / three months renewal period.

• No pre-paid fees will be refunded in the event of cancellation of the Agreement during its advertising period.

• tobagoisland.com undertakes to notify the Advertiser of any rate increases, thirty days prior to renewal of the Agreement.

• tobagoisland.com retains ownership and all rights to the "tobagoisland.com" names, logos, graphics, database, editorial, and information.

• tobagoisland.com reserves the right to modify the layout/style of the Website.

• tobagoisland.com must submit any change to these Terms and Conditions to the Advertiser via mail or email.

• tobagoisland.com cannot be held liable for any damage, loss of information, integrity of the Internet or computer downtime, resulting from actions or events beyond our control.

• The Advertiser will retain the ownership of any artwork or graphics supplied to tobagoisland.com for inclusion on the website,

• Terms and Conditions of the Advertising Agreement, must be fullfilled prior to any launch online of any advertising.

To download these terms and conditions as a PDF please click here

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